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Pyer Lyne Deslauriers

Pyer Lyne Deslauriers, seasoned businesswoman

 From the age of 16, she worked in a fashion boutique in the Richmond shopping center. She is already organizing major events for this one.

At 21, when she completed her studies in Fashion Design, she worked in an industry in Montreal. She is responsible for the design and marketing departments. This position was a great experience within this company.

At 26, she became a shareholder in the family business, Produits Hevea Inc, which is now recognized worldwide. A company that she led masterfully for more than 28 years.

In 1998, she acquired the men's and women's clothing store, Week-End de Magog. For 7 years, she had the chance to acquire very enriching experience in retail.

At the age of 53, she had the opportunity to buy the Richmond Golf Club. As she arrives with a wealth of experience, she will put it to use so that her community does not lose this flagship which is so important for everyone.

This extraordinary place, with an exceptional landscape, offers a great business opportunity. A key geographical location, this location is favorable to all forms of events. Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, it allows you to receive people in summer and winter alike.

A woman who has been very involved in volunteering in her community since the age of 8. As she says so well, “No volunteering in a community, no activity in society!” » and for this woman, the social fabric of a community begins with the beauty of volunteering within it.

So the first action taken when acquiring the Richmond Golf Club was to allow young people aged 17 and under to play golf for free. A very important gesture if we want to keep a tight-knit community.

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