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Parc Marie-Victorin

Located in Kingsey Falls, in the Centre-du-Québec region, Parc Marie-Victorin is one of the largest gardens in Quebec. Created by enthusiasts, the Park pays tribute to Brother Marie-Victorin, a famous botanist who would have been 100 years old in 1985, the year the site was inaugurated.

brother Marie-Victorin

In 1903, Brother Marie-Victorin suffered from a haemorrhage. He was then prescribed rest and fresh air to relieve him of his tuberculosis. Nature, which has become necessary for his health, becomes his greatest ally. Later, he began a brilliant career as an educator and botanist. Brother Marie-Victorin notably founded the Montreal Botanical Garden in 1931 and is the author of La Flore laurentienne, drawing up the floristic inventory of the St. Lawrence Valley. Imbued with Marie-Victorin's own poetry, the book is still THE reference in the field today.

the history of
Parc Marie-Victorin

To carry out this project in honor of this historical symbol, the Cascades company agrees to sell a three-acre piece of land on the banks of the Nicolet River. Armed with picks and shovels as well as strength and courage, volunteers will transform a former dry matter dump into an enchanting site including flowerbeds, rockeries, a gazebo with a view of the falls, trees and shrubs as well as plants donated by various institutions across the province. Over time, the site is embellished and flourishes.

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