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Jean-Claude Poitras

Knight of the National Order of Quebec since 1996 and promoted to officer in 2012. Jean-Claude Poitras, teacher, and author, after an exceptional career as a fashion designer that will take him to the four corners of the planet, today devotes himself to the world design without borders with the leitmotif of the search for excellence, innovation, and the quest for identity, always seeking to democratize beauty, to federate and promote the living forces of Quebec creativity. He puts his stamp on interior arts, from lighting to decorative objects, from kitchens to stained glass. In 2012, under the seal of interdisciplinarity, he celebrated his 40-year career and presented his first solo exhibition as a visual artist, which was followed by several others.

Photo credit: Isabelle Jetté

The communicator who has always been an integral part of his passionate nature occupies more and more space in his current career (conferences, chronicles for Le Devoir in particular). The man is a philanthropist at heart, regularly agreeing to lend his voice and notoriety to a host of charitable, humanitarian, and cultural organizations. Pioneer and visionary, Poitras is a creator who seduces all generations and who continues to innovate off the beaten track. His book; When life scrolls, published in October 2018, is considered the reference telling the great unknown story of Quebec fashion. Retrospective exhibitions were dedicated to him in 2017, 2019 and 2022 in museums and art centers. In 2022, he will celebrate his 50-year career. 

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